Full range of powered stairclimbers to meet your needs

Hercules PS at your service

Need extra freedom of movement around the house and garden? The PS-S/Outdoor gives people with walking difficulties a new level of mobility. With its comfy upholstered seat you will you experience your immediate surrounds in a different way. And now you can get out and about again too.

The professionals

Are you a transport provider looking for a robust, high-performance stairclimber for heavy-duty use? PS-Universal handles all kinds of wheelchairs and is designed for drivers and taxi services who transport disabled people in their own wheelchairs. The PS-Fold offers the same degree of manoeuvrability as the PS-S, but with a lightweight, practical washable seat.

Hercules Stairclimber Accessories


Hercules Stairclimber ChargerExtra charger unit BC-PS (Euro plug) Having two charger units can be useful if you need to top up the charge on your PS battery regularly at different locations. Article no. 045 141

Mobile Charger

Hercules Stairclimber Mobile ChargerMobile charger BC 10-30 VDC-PS Recharge a PS battery unit on the move – plugs into the cigarette lighter socket on any vehicle. Article no. 945 120

Extra battery unit

Hercules STairclimber Replacement BatteryCharge a second battery unit if your PS stair climber is in constant use. weight: 4.3 KG, capacity: 5.2 Ah, voltage: 24 VDC, maintenance-free, leak-proof lead gel cell (approved by DOT and IATA for transport by air Article no. 004 150


Hercules Stairclimber Head RestHeadrest slots into PS handle units on all models of PS Article no. 945 191