What is an Evacuation chair?

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Evacuation Chairs are compact and foldable mobile chairs used to evacuate people with a disability down stairs. Evacuation chairs may be manual or have a battery powered motor. The chairs have wheels and rubber tracks which allow for a controlled decent down stairs. Generally evacuation chairs have speed regulation devices and braking systems that control the speed of descent and have an additional brake when stationary. The seats have adjustable safety straps to secure the person to the seat during transport.

Evacuation Chairs are normally operated by one person. However, some models allow for 2 people to evacuate a person up stairs.

Evacuation Chairs are particularly important for those persons who have mobility limitations. They are particularly useful for people who are wheelchair dependent, where in the event of an emergency are unable to use a lift and are unable to exit the building via the stairs.


Where Should Evacuation Chairs Be Provided?


  • Schools and Colleges
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Cinemas
  • Libraries
  • Banks
  • Aged Care Homes
  • Museums and Galleries


Access and Egress for People with Disability


We know that with the increases in access to buildings the likelihood of having an individual with a disability in the building during an emergency evacuation is also increased.

Is it reasonable, equitable, or dignified to expect a fireman to evacuate someone from a wheelchair down 10, 20 or even 50 floors? Could this cause further injuries, or place fireman’s health and safety at risk?



Why is an Evacuation Plan required?

Emergency Evacuation is a high priority for ALL people. With the ever increasing likelihood of accidents, fires, flooding and terrorism. Emergency evacuation plans need to incorporate all levels of staff abilities.

  • What happens with a staff member who has a disability in an emergency?
  • How do you assist people of differing needs to ESCAPE?
  • Who is responsible for assisting staff in an emergency evacuation, including visitors?

The most important component to emergency evacuation is – to get everyone out safely.