Hercules PS Universal Stairclimber
Lifting Capacity
130 to 160 KG (passenger weight + wheelchair)

Weight of the biggest part
16.7 KG (climbing unit with seat)

Overall height
1130 mm

Overall width
760 mm (platforms down)

Overall depth
395 mm (platform up)

Space required on landings
1.1 x 0.9 mm

Total weight
27.6 KG

PS Universal 130
130KG Carrying capacity

PS Universal 160
160KG Carrying capacity

$11,546 plus GST for the PSU130 model, $12,333 plus GST for the PSU160 model

Product Details

Hercules PS Universal – the versatile professional

PS Universal DemoThe Hercules PS Universal is a roll-on/roll-off ferry for any make and model of self-propelled wheelchair or transport wheelchair. It‘s really easy to reverse onto the platform, secure the backrest in place, and take off up the stairs. The Hercules PS Universal is ready to take on all the stairclimbing jobs in your busy working day.

Choice of models

The PS Universal is available in 2 models: 130 and 160, denoting their load capacities in kilograms for the wheelchair plus passenger.

That’s versatility!

Handle every kind of wheelchair with the PS Universal – regardless of make. The headrest slides up and down easily to adjust to each passenger.


Save time on stairs

PS Universal Wheel Fixing

No need to remove the wheels on the wheelchair. Just reverse the wheelchair onto the platforms.





PS Universal Back FixingThe integral backrest restraint holds the wheelchair securely in place while you are in transit.





PS Universal FoldedThe platforms on the PT Uni hinge upwards to save space. Just stow the lightweight stairclimber in your vehicle between jobs – nothing needs to be dismantled