Hercules PS Standard Stairclimber
Lifting Capacity
130 to 160kg

Weight of the biggest part
18.5kg (climbing unit with seat)

Overall height

Overall width
505mm (including armrests)

Overall depth
675mm (600mm with seat and armrests folded)

Space required on landings
0.8 x 0.9M

Total weight

PS Standard 130
130KG Carrying capacity

PS Standard 160
160KG Carrying capacity

$11,025 plus GST for the PS 130 model, $11,792 plus GST for the PS160 model

Product Details

Ideal around the house

PS-Standard-DemoThe Hercules PS Standard is ideal for personal use around the home. It provides people with walking difficulties a new level of mobility. You can now move freely inside and outside the home, up and down steps and stairs.

With the help of the Hercules PS Standard you will experience your immediate surrounds in a new and exciting way.

With two models available, catering to passenger weights of up to 130 kg (PS Standard 130) and 160 kg (PS Standard 160), it is the most adept model for negotiating very steep and winding stairs.

Take your Hercules Personal Stairclimber with you!

Portable and easy to put into your carThe handle, battery and lifting unit are all detached using a single lever. You can dismantle your Hercules PS Standard quickly and stow it away in the boot of your car to accompany you wherever you go. Now you can get around town and visit friends and relatives after all.

Or just enjoy the improved lifestyle your Hercules PS Standard affords you in the privacy of your own home.

Ingenuity – The Hercules Advantage

The Hercules Personal Stairclimbers offer passengers and operators the confidence and security they are looking for through innovative design.

During descent, the body of the personal stairclimber does not move until the units lifting feet have reached the next lower step.

Safe, effective, efficient.