Lifting capacity
120 to 150KG

Weight of the biggest part
22.3kg (climbing unit with seat)

Overall height

Overall width
505mm (including armrests)

Overall depth
675mm (600mm with seat and armrests folded)

Space required on landings
0.8 x 0.9M

Total weight

Hercules PS Outdoor 120
130KG Carrying capacity

Hercules PS Outdoor 150
150KG Carrying capacity

$11,206 plus GST for the PS 120 model, $11,996 plus GST for the PS 150 model

Product Details

The fully integrated mobility solution

PS Outdoor Demo

The Hercules Personal Stairclimber Outdoor model offers all the functionality and versatility of the Hercules PS Standard model, with one significant additional benefit. The Personal Stairclimber Outdoor provides you with more stability outside.

Rugged design for extra stability

The battery powered Hercules Personal Stairclimber Outdoor has large, non-marking wheels and a wider wheelbase, making movement around the garden and outdoor areas effortless, safe and secure. Steps and slopes are negotiated with ease. Fitted with a comfortable, upholstered seat and armrests, the Hercules Personal Stairclimber Outdoor is highly manoeuvrable. There are two models available. The Outdoor 120 (designed to transport persons weighing up to 120 kg) and the PS Outdoor 150 (designed to transport persons weighing up to 150 kg). The Hercules PS Outdoor can be dismantled quickly and easily into 3 lightweight units by undoing a single lever. Pop it in your car, and now you can get out and about again too.

Trains, planes and automobiles

Hercules PS Outdoor outsideIdeal for both professional and personal use, the Hercules Personal Stairclimber Outdoor is narrow enough to edge its way down the corridor on trains and gangways on planes. Just raise the armrest, and with one quick lift across to your seat, you are ready for take off! Your PS Outdoor can then be dismantled using a single lever and stored for arrival at your destination.

Get carried away!

The Hercules Personal Stairclimber brake wheels activate the powerful braking system inside the rims of the main wheels.

Tilting the stairclimber back slightly gradually applies the brakes, so there is no risk of it running away with you on slopes and ramps.

Ingenuity – The Hercules Advantage

The Hercules Personal Stairclimbers offer passengers and operators the confidence and security they are looking for through innovative design.

During descent, the body of the personal stairclimber does not move until the units lifting feet have reached the next lower step.

Safe, effective, efficient.