Lifting Capacity
130 to 160kg

Weight of the biggest part
14kg (climbing unit with seat)

Overall height

Overall width
430mm (seat), 482mm (handle unit)

Overall depth
660mm (405mm with seat folded)

Space required on landings
0.8 x 0.9m

Total weight

PS Fold130
130KG Carrying capacity

PS Fold 160
160KG Carrying capacity

Product Details

Always on the move

Hercules PS Fold FoldedThis is the rapid-response unit for transporting patients. With 200 mm diameter wheels and a wheelbase of just 297 mm the PT-Fold is also ideal for very steep, narrow winding stairs.

Easy to use

Hercules PS Fold on a StairThe intuitive controls on Liftkar PT stairclimbers are easy to learn. The most important thing is getting a feel for balance during operation. The built-in angle indicator helps you do this. New personnel will have this system quickly mastered.






Washable seat

Hercules PS Fold CleaningThe washable seat covering can be wiped clean, and can be removed altogether by simply undoing a zip.


When not in use the Liftkar PT Fold can literally be folded away! Save space in the workplace and on the move.

Your optimum partner on the road

The Liftkar PT Fold is lightweight and can easily be stowed away in any vehicle. And with the mobile charger you can top up the battery between jobs so the Liftkar PT is always ready for action when you are.