Hercules PS Adapt
Lifting Capacity
130 to 160 KG (passenger weight + wheelchair)

Weight of the biggest part
15.2 KG (climbing unit)

Overall height
1130 mm

Overall width
432 mm (without wheelchair)

Overall depth
385 mm (without wheelchair)

Space required on landings
0.8 x 0.9 mm

Total weight
24.7 KG

Product Details

A stairclimber to use with your own wheelchair

Hercules PS Plus Staitclimber

Now you can get up and downstairs from the comfort of your own wheelchair.

The Hercules PS Adapt is a battery powered lifting unit designed to attach to your own choice of wheelchair. All we need is the make and model of your wheelchair and we can fit the necessary adapters to your personal stairclimber, the Hercules PS Adapt.

It’s this easy

  • Roll your PS Adapt under the wheelchair and engage with locking plates.
  • Raise the wheelchair by lifting the PS Plus.
  • Remove the wheels from the wheelchair.
  • Push the wheels onto the wheel holders provided.

….. and away you go!


Hit the Road


With your own personal wheelchair folded away and the lifting unit dismantled, the whole system fits into the boot of your car, to accompany you wherever you go.

Now you can get around town and visit friends and relatives after all! Now you can negotiate narrow and winding stairs with ease.

It’s this easy

Step 1

PS-Plus-Step1Roll PS Plus under wheelchair and engage with locking plates





Step 2

PS-Plus-Step2Raise the wheelchair by lifting the PS Adapt





Step 3

PS-Plus-Step3Remove the wheels from the wheelchair





Step 4

PS-Plus-Step4Push the wheels onto the wheel holders provided
and away.

Then, simply reattach the wheels to your wheelchair to move freely within your environment. There is no need to detach the stairclimber. Just raise the lifting unit so the wheelchair can be used normally with the Hercules PS still attached.


Ingenuity – The Hercules Advantage

The Hercules Personal Stairclimbers offer passengers and operators the confidence
and security they are looking for through innovative design.

During descent, the body of the personal stairclimber does not move until the units
lifting feet have reached the next lower step.

Safe, effective, efficient.