EvacuLife Motorised Evacuation Chair

Maximum Load

Chair Operating

131 cm

50 cm

155 cm

Chair Folded

32 cm

48 cm

110 cm

Chair 2 Years, Battery 1 year

$5,750 incl freight. GST Exempt

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Motorised Powered Stair Climber & Evecauation Chair

For those who desire transportation at the push of a button, the EvacuLife Power is the perfect solution. No more struggling with lifting or carrying, which can be uncomfortable for both patients as well as operators. The EvacuLife Power puts the emphasis on safety and stability going up and down stairs using a sophisticated electronic motor control device and a direct drive transmission.

The smooth transportation up and down stairs and the intuitive, push button controls mean that evacuees stay safe and comfortable and operators don’t have to worry about straining themselves carrying a patient load.




EvacuLife Power Lift Handles Extended


  • Extra wide track system for safer and easier transportation during evacuation
  • Two rear lift handles
  • Rear castor with brakes
    One inch track-to-ground clearance provides smooth rolling over carpet and rough surfaces
  • Smooth 75mm front swivel wheels and extra tall 125mm rear wheels do not collect debris and provide manoeuvrability in confined spaces such as stair landings
  • Motor controls work in any handle position
  • All metal aluminium allow frame construction provides durability and long life
  • Large patient seating surface panel
  • Extending foot-rest
  • Maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks
  • Maximum performance on every call with intelligent power system that can carry up to 250KG.
  • Easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with intuitive, easy-to-use push button controls
  • Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is easy to remove.

Disabled lifts that are out of order or broken down

Lift out of service or broken down solution

The EvacuLife Power is an ideally suited solution as a back up device when disabled lifts have broken down,  are out of order or are being serviced.

We have been involved with a number of hospitals and aged care facilities that are looking to address this issue when lifts are down.

Suitable for

  • Aged care facilities for when lifts break down
  • Hospitals for when lifts break down
  • Schools for when lifts break down or when students break a limb
  • Offices
An Evacuation Device For Stadiums, Theatres And Concert Venues

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EvacuLife Power Belts


EvacuLife Power Belts

EvacuLife Power Controls

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Evacuation Chair Accessories

We also have a full range of Evacuation Chair signage & anti-theft alarm

Evacuation Chair Signage

Evacuation Chair Theft Stopper Alarm Security Device