EvacuLife Emergency Escape Hood Mask and Fire Safety Mask

Technical Specifications

Effective minutes:
Maximum 60 minutes with good air tightness,

Provide protection from
Carbon monoxide (CO)

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)

Toxic smoke

Heat radiation

Mist Permeability Coefficient

Breathing resistance
Inhalation: <800pa

Exhalation: <300pa

3 Years

6YO to Adult

Package Details

1 Emergency Escape Hood




650 grams

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Smoke inhalation will kill you well before the heat ever will!

Fireman rescuing person suffering smoke infalation from a fire
Fireman rescuing person suffering smoke inhalation from a fire

If your workplace, home, school or building is equipped with Smoke Masks & Emergency Escape Hoods, the chances of survival can greatly increased. Emergency escape hoods provide protection from the toxic fumes, and protect your airways from toxic smoke. This protection buys you precious time and allows you to evacuate through smoke safely.

In the event of a fire, an emergency evacuation can be severely hampered by the smoke and fumes that are created. Highly toxic fumes created in fires can lead to serious poisoning – in fact according to recent research up to 80% of deaths that occur in fires are due to smoke inhalation.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, every second counts. If you are caught in a fire, the smoke makes it not only dangerous to your health, but it can make it difficult, even impossible, to evacuate safely. For people with accessibility limitations, the level of danger is even higher.

What is an Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Mask?

Residential Tower Building Fire Toxic Smoke
Residential Tower Building Fire Toxic Smoke

An emergency escape hood & Smoke Mask is a device that is worn over the head in the event of an emergency, to protect individuals from toxic smoke and fumes. With an effective use for a duration of 60 minutes, it will protect your airways and allow you to breathe air that is free of smoke and toxins while you exit from the danger.

This protection can also allow you to assist others who need assistance during an emergency, such as those with mobility limitations. While wearing the emergency escape hood you can help others exit during an emergency evacuation if it is safe to do so, without the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

How does it work?

Section through emergency escape hood canister
Section through emergency escape hood canister

The emergency escape hood & Smoke Mask is fast and simple to use and can be correctly positioned within 30 seconds. It features an oversized hood that covers the entire head, and there is adequate room for long hair, facial hair and glasses. The large visor allows the user a wide and clear view and the cotton neck and adjustable two-point belt button ensures comfort and a secure fit.

The emergency escape hood & smoke mask is designed for single use application and should not be reused. It should be protected from rain and moisture and kept in a well-ventilated place, away from sources of heat, flammables, explosives and corrosives. The emergency escape hood should not be used in environments where the oxygen density is below 17%.

Fire Safety Mask Clear Visor
Close up of the Escape Hoods clear safety visor

 Why do you need one?

Office fire evacuation smoke inhalation
Office workers suffering smoke inhalation following building fire evacuation

If your home or workplace is at risk of fire, having emergency escape hoods & smoke masks as part of your evacuation plan ensures you are well prepared. For those with a mobility limitation such as those with a disability, the elderly, obese or pregnant women, and for those who live or work within a multi level building or complexes, the need for additional evacuation safety measures is greatly increased.

To protect yourself, your family and your employees a sound emergency evacuation plan is vital, and should include provisions for those who may need assistance to exit safely. By including emergency escape hoods as part of your fire evacuation plan you can help prevent injury and save lives.


House fire smoke danger
Danger of smoke inhalation during a house fire

Emergency escape hoods & smoke masks are beneficial to have in any fire protection toolkit, alongside fire extinguishers and fire blankets. They are especially useful in places where there is an increased risk of fire, like bushfire prone areas, and in situations where an emergency evacuation in the event of a fire is restricted, such as multi level buildings.

If you live or work in any of the following places, including emergency escape hoods in your evacuation plans is highly recommended:

  • Multi level apartment blocks
  • Residential care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Multi level office complexes
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Homes and workplaces
  • Bushfire prone areas.

If a fire breaks out in your home or workplace, being adequately prepared could be the difference between survival and disaster. By having a sound evacuation plan in place, and a fire protection kit that includes emergency escape hoods & Smoke Masks, you give yourself and those in your care, the best possible chance of a safe evacuation.

Child fitting an evacuation smoke and fire mask

Evacuation smoke and fire mask for children

Information Video

Closed captions are available within this video,

Steps for use

Mask Protection For Smoke ChemicalsEmergency Escape Smoke Mask

  • Open the box, take out the emergency escape hood. (Step 1 on front cover)

Using the emergency escape hood Step 1Using the emergency escape hood Step 2

  • Tear open the vacuum bag containing the emergency escape hood and remove. Unfold it and pull out the two plugs, one from the front of the filter and the other from inside of the hood, discard the container and stoppers.

Using the emergency escape hood Step 3Using the emergency escape hood Step 4

  • Push the filter out of the emergency escape hood with both thumbs, spread the hood and pull it over the head.
  • Wearers of eye ware or glasses do not need to remove them, push long hair under the emergency escape hood, grip the mask at the filter canister and position it correctly over the mouth and nose, tighten the straps by pulling them backwards and to the side.

Using the emergency escape hood Step 6Using the emergency escape hood Step 5

  • Breathe calmly and follow the instructions of the buildings emergency evacuation procedures.


Instructions clearly written in English

EvacuLife Emergency Escape Smoke Protection Hood
EvacuLife Emergency Escape Smoke Protection Hood
Conditions for use
  • The emergency escape hood must be kept in a well-ventilated place free of heat sources, flammables, explosives and corrosive materials nearby and must be protected from rain & moisture with ambient temperature of 0c – 60c.
  • This emergency escape hood must not be used in environments where oxygen density is below 17%.
  • This emergency escape hood is designed for a single use application and must not be reused.
  • Emergency escape hood with broken vacuum bags must not be used.