Gliding comfortably away from danger

Evacuation chairs and systems:
The revision of evacuation and first-aid procedures are among
the many side effects in the aftermath of the 9/11 events in New York.

Evacuation Chair Case StudiesHowever, evacuation is a less probable necessity in the case of a terrorist attack than in everyday events, such as natural disasters, gas leaks, chemical disasters, a blackout or fire. Today, emergency logistics operators recognise the value and importance of products that make evacuations far more efficient.

What 9/11 also taught is that, during emergency evacuations, assistance is frequently needed not only for people with a physical disability, but also for those who are injured, aged, or who are suffering mental and/or physical stress.

In terms of using transportation chairs, Spencer Italia S.r.l, which specialises in the production of emergency equipment, has masterminded the Skid Series, which have incorporated passive caterpillar belts that simply glide down stairs. ‘On landing, the constructive geometry of the unit transfers all weight onto the main wheels to allow turning and movement. In addition, the Pro Skid version is equipped with front and rear telescopic handles, which allow up stairs transportation,’ Spencer reports. ‘Careful examination of the whole chair will reveal a seat that has been very carefully studied; aesthetically and in its conceptually free styling.’

The chairs’ robustness has been achieved by integrating technical requirements: ‘The tortuous conformation of the welded frame, or the obvious originality of the seating posture,’ the firm explains. ‘The precocity of the aesthetics is underlined by the distribution of the angles, the back-rest that can be telescopically inclined, the adjustable head-rest and the handles for transportation that can also be detached from the chair itself.’

  • With the SKID you can ride, get down stairs and continue riding without having to take any action (opening the wheels, etc.);
  • The 20 cm longer handle makes it possible the go down stairs in a more ergonomic way;
  • Big wheels make an easier ride;
  • The person being evacuated has a more comfortable journey;
  • The seat is removable.